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Making pay & display a thing of the past

A member of the RING & REG scheme can drive on to any participating Ring and Reg car park, drive off again at the end of their visit and they will automatically be charged for the duration of their stay. Unlike a conventional pay and display car park, Ring and Reg members do not need to obtain a ticket, which eliminates the need to find change, queue at a machine, second guess the duration of their stay, or return to their vehicle to purchase another ticket if they stay longer than planned.

Where A RING & REG member:

Can register online in just 2 minutes!
Has less hassle and more convenience
Has no need to second-guess their length of stay
Has no need to look around for change or stand around in queues
Has no need to return to the car to stick a ticket in the window
Has only to register once but can use the service again and again
Has no need to cut short their appointments


TELEPHONE 01772 882 999

You simply Drive on... Drive off... Pay at the end of the month or by 'top up'...

But you have to register first!