About us

We are a newly formed company, part of a large group. The company saw the potential of an alternative technology, to the current Pay & Display system, operational in the majority of British car parks. We have developed our own ANPR system and proprietary software to enable car park owners to control the operation of their sites with members registering their details via mobile phones to a central database, which then authorises the parking and charges for the user.

Pay and Display is dead.... Long live RING&REG

Pay & Display is inefficient as it relies on a human operator to record vehicles, check for violations and also to service and operate the machinery, as well as dealing with the public, handling cash and picking up the litter that is left as tickets are discarded. Ring and Reg doesn't need tickets, it doesn't need expensive capital purchase of machines that are prone to breakdown and theft. It doesn't tie up human resources in operation, enforcement, repair, cash movement and replacing ticket rolls.