How much does it cost to join ?

Nothing, it's completely and absolutely free! You simply deposit a minimum fee that is no greater than £35 into your account. When your account falls below £5 we simply add another £30 from your credit card. Your credit card charges you but we don't.

Where can I use the system ?

'Rome wasn't built in a day' but we envisage not only Pay and Displays and Pay on Foot will convert but also toll roads and bridges, tunnels and ferries, motorways and congestion charging will be also be encouraged. We certainly hope the rest of Europe is within our grasp and within the next ten years.

Can my wife drive my car ?

If she can, then she can use our facilities and so too can the rest of your family and friends. We scrutinise the number plate, NOT the driver. You can, if you wish, add several cars to your account, like a company cars and a fleet vehicles for instance.

I hate giving out my email address

We promise that any information you provide is strictly personal and between us. We will NEVER sell or give your information to a third party and you will NOT receive 'Spam' or annoying telephone calls. Warning: we will send you a monthly mailshot which contains new sites and updates. You can either ignore it or unsubscribe if you wish.

How secure is your servers ?

As secure as they can be. We are scrutinised by Barclays merchant services, the DVLA and the Data Protection Act. Our IT department have the best of everything at their disposal and exercise a duty of care at all times.

Suppose I dispute a fee ?

We will work tirelessly on your behalf to rectify the matter, we will go back up to 3 months and obtain photographs of your visit to the site in question and return these details back to you over the internet.

Suppose I want to cancel ?

We cannot see why... But you simply go on line or telephone us and we'll abide with your request. Any remaining funds will be refunded to your credit card.