Pay & Display is inefficient as it relies on a human operator to record vehicles, check for violations etc. So you can elminate the costs of paying staff or Pay & Display machines.

The revolution starts here!

Raise your turnover and profits.
Instant savings with zero capital outlay.
Ring&Reg members will seek out your facilities.
No more need for Pay & Display machines: "They're finished"
No need for cash collection or cash handling, and no banking fees.
No more fear of vandalism, replacement parts or maintenance costs.
No more patrolling your car parks, issuing FPNs or chasing lost causes.
Swift handover - in just 6 weeks you can be converted and saving revenue.

How Ring and Reg Works

By utilising cutting edge technology and the latest in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) we are revolutionising the way we park. A Ring&Reg member drives into the car park (two cameras in two locations catch the number plate), they do what they have come to do and leave (two cameras watch them go), the cost is removed from their credit card. We make it Simple!